William Lindsay

Website: http://www.williamlindsay.com

Email: williamlindsay@williamlindsay.com

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'In deep, and distanced', oil on canvas, 91 x 122 cm

'Ardtornish Recharged', oil on canvas, 91 x 122 cm

'Turning Point', oil on canvas, 112 x 137 cm

'Blue Rampart', oil on canvas, 112 x 137 cm

'New Red, displaced', oil on sized paper, 68 x 116 cm

Untitled, oil on board, 122 x 91 cm


I consider my paintings, generally, to be questions rather than answers, each a piece of research on the way to the next, unfinished and unsettled. My paintings are visual workings ‘out loud’, responses to experience - emotional, visual, spatial, experience in the process of painting and experience before a painting starts. They are searches for how I recognize and identify the world, and they are interactions between seeking clarity and my attempts to resolve problems created on the two-dimensional, painted surface. I try to avoid painting meanings as this too often results in something unsatisfying, unconvincing and illustrative. I like the different ways in which paint can behave, and I like the original surface to be seen as part of the work, making the point that it is always a surface on which perspectives are projected. Hopefully, the unforeseen pause that marks a painting’s end is some distance from the initial prompt, the space in between becoming the subject.