Anne Corrance Monk


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Drawing Uist Wool (detail) wool and rock 3m x 5m

Drawing SSA sellotape 2m x 2m x 2m

Wall Drawing sellotape and pencil 1.5m x 1.5m

Drawing the Surface of the Sea (detail) polythene 3m x 3m

Hall drawing sellotape 1m x3m x 5m

Drawing fog torch light and fog


Using everyday materials and spaces, I explore gaps and overlaps between drawing and photography, embroidery and drawing, spatial and embroidery; all the while questioning my understanding of each.Photographs are both a beginning, and an end in themselves.
Individual surroundings may appear in photographs, though any sense of the personal or place is incidental. The intention is to evoke a feeling, not to tell a story or to illustrate. Stitch is used as drawing and as a sculptural element within space; drawing as an extension of the ideas explored in the photograph and stitch. Hinting at delicacy and fragility, I often use transparent or translucent materials; glass, organza, polythene, sellotape.

Transparency allows everything to be seen, inside and out, without obscuring the subject itself. Much of my work will exist only for a short time. It is meant to be neither permanent nor perfect.
What goes in, what stays out? Partly, it's an inability to choose. So, I give everything equal weight. If it's there, it's in.... whether it is beautiful cornicing or dirty marks on the floor.

Big concerns play their part,but my work is informed by everything really... love, eternity, a half-forgotten dream, a whisper.


BA (Hons) Fine Art from Moray School of Art - Invited Graduate 2012


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