David McCulloch

Email: cully@morphearts.org

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"Out of the Overflow of the Heart". Paper/coloured pencils/gold card, 594mmx841mm

"Upon Reflection". Embossed Etching, 320mmx 320mm

"Two a Penny". Coloured paper/graph paper/sparrow, 297mmx 210mm


Notions of worth, value, language and communication permeate my artwork. As I explore questions of what gives life value, I’m also fascinated by the methods we use to understand each other. For a number of years now my work, with intentional repetition, features the word remain. The word has an ambiguity to it and can have both negative and positive connotations. It can be passive but also act as a command. It invites us to consider what remains, and in what we choose to remain in.


David is an artist living and working in Scotland and a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.
In 2010 he co-founded the charity Morphē Arts - a multi disciplinary network of Christians working professionally in the Arts- with the aim to mentor recent art graduates as they make the transition from Art School into professional practice. He works full time for Morphē Arts but continues to make and exhibit his own work as well as organising regular exhibitions in Dundee as part of a small windows gallery space - Nomas*Projects.
He works mainly in video and print and has received funding from Creative Scotland to develop an innovate transparent lenticular technique in partnership with the Dundee Contemporary Arts print studio.


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