Paola McClure



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Although Paola's work is brash, bright and humourous the work can have a darker edge to it and distortions of proportions can lead to a sense of unease. This unease can be exaggerated, as with any figurative sculpture, by the very physical presence of the work. The eyes, however, do not follow you round the room.


Paola McClure was born and brought up in Dundee, the daughter of Scottish Painter David McClure (1926-98). She trained in Illustration and printmaking at DJCA and after graduating returned to a lifelong love of "playing with fabric and improvising". She began to experiment with creative embroidery and the work rapidly began to have bulk and form, evolving from softly pillowed frames and portholes for pieces of embroidery to padded wall hangings and full sized soft sculpture figures.

Paola spent many years as an art teacher in the west of Scotland before returning to Dundee to start a family. Having taken a long time out to devote to her children's early years Paola began experimenting with small scale work using mixed media to create a series of caskets and "bone dollies". It was the opportunity, as part of the exhibition "Women's Work" with five other Dundee artists, to decorate a full sized coffin that brought her back to working on large scale textile sculpture