Ruth Maxwell



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Balmerino Chestnut

Celestial Navigation

Toukes Solace

Marconi, If You Can Hear Us, We Salute You.


Ad Lucem


Previously, Ruth Maxwell's work has concentrated on a theme of “Becoming Earth Again”, which chronicled life and yearly cycles of trees over a period of time, employing multiple digital layers and printed onto fabric to produce a single image.
More recent work, is advancing a new method of layering. Using physical layers of scrim, calk, tissue and paint to produce a textured surface, before the image is transferred using a delicate method of waterslide transfer.
Whilst still retaining imagery which illustrates her interest in arboretum, this new work reflects a creative paradigm in both narrative and method.


Ruth Maxwell is a lecturer at Gray’s school of Art, Aberdeen. She has won numerous awards, has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has work in both private and public collections.


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