Featured Artist-Sebastian Mary Tay

The SSA are delighted to highlight the work of recent Graduate Sebastian Mary Tay.
Enjoy this insight into his intriguing photographic practice and look out for him as part of RSA-NC in 2016!

Tell us what got you into art – how you got started – what first excited you
I remember being little when my family decided to enrol me into weekly children’s art classes. I continued progressively as an extracurricular activity, and subsequently decided to pursue fine art practice in an academic environment. I may not have realised this as a child, but I believe that it is the free play of imagination that kept me captivated – there is a genuine joy from imagining and making.

Where do you make your work?
I make my work at home, which therefore makes it also my studio. I think that there is something rather wonderful about working in the confinement of one’s own space.

What are your main influences and sources of inspiration?
The natural world has always intrigued my curiosity, and has never failed to be a great source of wonder. Recently, I have been looking into the works of the Chinese artist Xu Bing.

Tell us about a project you are working on at present?
I am currently working towards degree show and graduation in June from Glasgow School of Art. I will be presenting fourteen pieces of photographs and a video work. This is the first time this body of work will be presented to the public audience, and I am absolutely excited about it.


SSA Webpage: www.s-s-a.org/member/sebastiantay

Website: sebastianmarytay.co.uk