In a Jiffy, Correspondence Project

In a Jiffy
Meffan Museum and Art Gallery

SSA Artists and Forfar Academy Pupils


Pupils studying Art & Design at Forfar Academy visited the SSA Professional Members show at the Meffan Gallery on the 4th February to explore, through individual artworks, the overarching theme of the show ‘The relationship between distance and time’.

Each of the 11 participating pupils then selected an artwork and artist to respond to. This response could have been in the form of a drawing, a piece of text or a series of questions for the artist in their sketchbooks.

The sketch book was sent through the post to the artist of their choice, who then responded to the content of the book with a reciprocal artwork in either the form of a drawing or a piece of text.

These sketchbooks were then returned to the pupils containing the artists work.

This was a very exciting and successful project, and a great way for the SSA to reach out to a new audience, making links with communities outside of Scotland’s main cities and encouraging high school pupils to engage with an SSA exhibition and the artists involved.

The sketchbooks were on display at the Saturday Social on 15 February 2014.

Images courtesy of Emma Bowen and Louise Ritchie PPSSA.