Aidan Bremner



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Pescadores, Acrylic / canvas.60x80cm

Agricultores Acrylic on MDF 75x95cm

Cataplana de Piri-piri ,acrylic/canvas

Pelicanos. Acrylic/ canvas 95x 75cm

Cafe Majestic. Acrylic on board 1.90x 1.20cm

Guitarfish,Acryl.+guitar+mdf 1x 65x20 cm


The strongest influence comes from the subject itself, it determines the mood and style of the picture, which can appear as a mixture of cartoon images and three dimensional studies, sometimes overlapping to give a surrealistic effect. He blends historical characters with everyday people and consciously distorts the perspectives. He also works in three dimensions, creating sculptures in metal and wood.


Aidan lives and works from Lagos / Algarve, all year round. He was born and trained as artist under (Richard Demarco )and became an art teacher of the Blind in Edinburgh (Scotland). He is mainly working outdoors, directly from nature, choosing characters and selecting scenes which record the essence of the Algarve and its people."The Medium is the Message" - Marshall McLuhan"