Anoushka Havinden



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Open Cage, drawing on paper, mixed media


My work hovers between drawing and painting, and between abstraction and figurative. I'm interesting in the movement between these different fields, pictorial space, embodiment and perception.

Liminal spaces fascinate me - hence much of my subject matter includes coastal landscapes - part imagined, part observed. I'm also interested in history, imagination and myth.

Playing with the tensions created by these different ideas and subjects is my way of creating a space of possibility, where the viewer can suspend judgement and see things anew.


Born in London, I have lived in Scotland since 1980.

I studied Drawing & Painting at Glasgow School of Art, and have continued to work as an artist since, as well as working in a wide range of fields including Art Education and Architecture. For several years I worked as a writer.

I now write, paint, and teach life drawing classes.

In 2019 I was awarded a fellowship from the Scottish Book Trust to work on a book of poems about the waters of the west coast of Scotland.

I am based in Argyll.