Chris Brook



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Night harvest, Mixed on Board, 24 cm x 16 cm

Sea Dreams II, Mixed on board, 24 cm x 16 cm

Spring again, Mixed on board, 24 cm x 16 cm

Beacon, Mixed on board, 24 cm x 16 cm

Clearing, Mixed on board, 24 cm x 16 cm

Contained, Mixed on board, 24 cm x 16 cm


Fusing both traditional and self discovered painting and print making techniques,I have tried to create pieces which possess a tangible and tactile quality.
Subject is predominately landscape driven,influenced by the proximity of where land meets sea,and its recurring theme of containment.
Never intended as site specific,instead the paintings are reconstructed ideals,a collection of marks and shapes to suggest a narrative,alluding to the type of place I would like to find.
The theme of containment is echoed through naive imagery,depicting boundary walls,furrowed fields,crop rotations and fence rails,scored graphic lines offer a method of permanent mark making over layered surfaces.
A personal,reflective,landscape emerges,a reinvented retreat,which conveys protection,comfort and shelter.


Born Sheffield 1960
working professionally since 1995