Gerry Smith



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Two Poems In Response To François Le Lionnais, 2008, print / Permanent Culture, 2007, book, SSA Annual Show 2008

An Alexanderine (Homage To Trocchi), 2010, postcard

Transparentes Meer, 2010, pvc lettering on glass, ‘Sihlhallenstrasse Neunzehn’, Zurich

The Universal History Pt.III, 2010, postcards and collapsed wood shelving, ECA MFA Show ’10 , Edinburgh

Northern Venetians, 2013, still from interactive computer animation

Genome K. Genomics: a scientific approach to Jerome’s ‘Three Men in a Boat’ (detail), 2017, print


I am an intermedia artist and have exhibited in Europe, China and the USA. My work includes prints and books, installations and performances, sound-pieces and computer works. I have used the personal library as a metaphor for the social construction of the self (numerous works between 1999 and 2010, including 'The Universal History, pt. III' above). More recently, I have developed my own reductive forms, e.g. punctuation poems such as 'An Alexanderine' and 'Transparentes Meer' above. I am interested in writing as visual media, and our interactions with everyday technologies. My works are usually text-based and composed under self-imposed formal constraints, but sometimes I’ll just do something a wee bit different; 'Wear Goggles Before Use' consisted of two glass hammers, and 'Intervention II' was an installation made from blocks of ice (both shown at SSA annual shows, in 2000 and 2010 respectively).
My PhD focused on the use of participatory forms as a means of exploring everyday environments. The research projects that I established evolved into exercises in collective writing, which resulted in the production of digital literature works. My computer animation 'Noise' was included in 'The ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature' (2012) and 'Northern Venetians' was exhibited in 'Moving Words: An Exploration of Kinetic Poetry and Prose, 1984-2014' (UoI, Maynooth).


PhD (Art), University of Edinburgh, 2017
MFA (Intermedia), Edinburgh College of Art, 2010
BA Hons (Fine Art Printmaking), Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, 1998
BA (Open) (Art History and Cultural Studies), Open University, 1992
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'Northern Venetians' : (Click on hyperlink to access main body of text / the direction and speed of the text can be controlled using the cursor / alternatively, click on a line to access a still page of text).
'Noise' animation:
The Everyday Always Happens to Someone Else: An attempt at practising an endotic-based art (PhD thesis):


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