Jill Skulina

Website: http://jillskulina.wix.com/jillskulina

Email: jill.skulina@gmail.com

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One. Cast snowcrete, doll head and crochet. 2016

And She Opened Her Eyes. cast snowcrete, crochet and plastic doll torso. 2016

Hide and Seek, crochet, gold fingering and vintage doll head. 2016

Play. House. Vintage doll, crochet, snowcrete and plasticine. 2016

Critical: Memoirs of a Parent. Clay, fabric, yarn and stool. 2017

Mother and Breast Pump: Day 10. clay, underglaze and glaze. 2018


I am a Dundee based Visual Artist, graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee and Professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists. I make cocooned, encased and surrounded figures and portraits using crochet, found dolls, ceramics, plaster and installation. The works are memorials to concealment of thoughts and feelings, deceiving the outside world that we are coping, while also showing emotional transformation and strength. Using crochet as a representation for 'female' crafts and the domestic ideal, I make strong, nurturing work from personal experiences of motherhood; worries, trauma, guilt, memories, regret, potential societal projections and expectations. I use drawing and collage to support and develop my sculptural work.


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