Luke Vinnicombe



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The Philosopher. Oil on Canvas, 58cm x 41cm

Playing Music In The Rain. Oil on Canvas, 66cm x 53cm

Therapy On The Beach. Oil on Canvas, 160cm x 128cm

Extreme Birdwatching 1. Ink on Paper, 119cm x 84cm

Coming Together. Ink on Paper, 119cm x 85cm


My approach to painting is playful, with the subject set in a colourful and lively fictional world that may seem absurd or even dreamlike. However, this alternative world connects to our reality as it refers to current political issues that can be seen in Britain and the Western world. This is not brashly shouted out but instead, the artwork silently nods towards these issues that vibrate from the connotations of the imagery.

The painting’s narrative comes to life by bringing together opposing imagery, that when viewed as a whole, provides a dark comedy to the composition as the opposition in the work creates a comical situation.

The interaction between the conflicting groups raises questions to the viewer on what it is they see in front of them.


Luke Vinnicombe is a young Scottish artist who recently graduated from Gray’s School of Art with a B.A (Hons) in Painting. Luke had a very successful degree show where he won the BP Fine Art Award, Art in Healthcare Purchase Award and the Hector Memorial Prize Fund. Luke was one of four out of his class to be selected to exhibit in the Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries 2017.
Since his degree show Luke has moved back to his hometown, Edinburgh where he continues to live and work.