Matthew Wilson



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A bone is broken and reset, as a rock is removed from the earth, and then returned. Screenprint, chalk, and blackboard paint on paper (diptych). 135 x 95 cm

And the hillside is grey and solid. Concrete, chalk, and lashing strap. 75 x 75 x 38 cm

Install view

WE WILL DIE, THEY WON'T, AND THAT IS OKAY. Sight specific performance.

WE WILL DIE, THEY WON'T, AND THAT IS OKAY. Sight specific performance.


Matthew Wilson’s practice looks at the relationships between humans and a specific fragment within a landscape. This need not be a natural one; in his work, anything from a built structure to a morphed piece of rock can be used to memorialise the symbiotic relationship between human progression and the natural world. Working in print, sculpture, writing, and performance, he focuses on humanity's role in the deconstruction and processing of these fragments. His work asks questions of alteration, deconstruction, and progression; is there a human need to recreate the past? And at what point does this become self-inflicted damage? Is the only way to move forward to learn and develop from our actions?


Based in Edinburgh, Matthew WIlson graduated from the University of Dundee in 2013, studying Fine Art at DJCAD. During his degree, he was selected for the 2014 RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition, where he was awarded the Walter Scott Global Investment Award and the Art in Healthcare Purchase Prize. He has also exhibited in a number of galleries across the UK and North America, including the Hatton Gallery (Newcastle) and CGP London. 

He recently completed his MA in Fine Art Print at the Royal College of Art, where he was twice been awarded the Dewar Award and took part in an exchange residency at the University of Calgary in Canada.


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