Norman Sutton-Hibbert



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Waiting for a Saint 2018, Fabrics and Mixed mediaia, 166cm x 65cm x 23cm

In The Movies 2017 Digital print & mixed media 15 x 10 cm

Landscape 2014/15Fabrics and mixed media 259 x 183 cm

Barrier II 2017Gouache & mixed media 19 x 18 cm

Learning to Live With Chairs (detail) 2014 Performance

Memento 2016 21 x 26 cm Painting with enamel paints


My earliest recollection of knowing I had to make art came during my school years. After school circumstances led me off in to other employment but making art was always my other job and passion.
I’ve just kept making work. For a long time it was mostly painting – in oils, water colour and gouache. I also developed what is a real interest in the history of art, went to lots of exhibitions and tried to exhibit as often as possible – the latter in order to get feedback on my work.
Then, approximately twenty years ago, I became a member of the Glasgow Print Studio, where I’ve focused on printing from woodcuts. This membership gave me my first opportunity to work alongside other artists, and played a very significant role in my development.
Over the years I became increasingly interested in sculptures and installations, but didn’t feel I had the confidence or skills to do make my own. In 2010 I was fortunate in obtaining a place at Glasgow School of Art, where I studied for a BA (Hons) (in the Sculpture & Environmental Art Dept.) and them M.Litt (in the Painting Dept).
I now regard myself as being a multi-disciplinary artist as my practice encompasses painting, collages, printmaking, sculpture, installation art and, on occasions photography, which I use primarily in relation to performances to camera.
Over the years I’ve been particularly interested in interrogating aspects of various subjects such as male identity and the role of the every day but all too often ‘unseen’ man-made objects – such as barriers, fire hydrants and industrial objects. Children’s games and puzzles also intrigue me. However there is really no limit to what might trigger a work – as can be noted by the variety of subject matter in my work.
I’ve long had a real interest in exploring the conventions of colour, the use of patterns and the concept of repetition - and we are constantly surrounded by these - which goes a long way towards explaining the content of much of my work.
In the last five years fabrics, materials long readily associated with craft and femininity, have featured large in my sculptures and installations. Fortunately through the work of feminist artists, such as Miriam Shapiro, in the 20th century, textile art has come of age and has become a central element of contemporary art, made by men as well as women – and I want to play my part in continuing to promote it and keeping it there.


I trained and worked as a Social Worker and Mental Health Officer, working with children and adults. I was involved for many years in Social Work education and training. I made art throughout the decades.
2010 - 2014 BA (Hons) at Glasgow School of Art
2014 - 2015 MLitt GSA
I've exhibited widely and have work in private collections in various countries.


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