Pamela Tait



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The Goo-Ass Parade, Glen Affric / Etching on paper / 53 x 46cm

The Witch / Collaboration with Erlend Tait / Etching and oil on paper / 66 x 50cm

Inside / Etching on paper / 37.5 x 37.5cm

Roots & Rust / 2 plate etching on paper / 47 x 40cm

Big Baby At Glenn Affric / Etching on a paper / 46 x 35.5cm

Sunny And Shadowy trees, Glen Affric / Graphite on paper / 39.5 x 28.5cm


I was talking to someone about how I create all the little characters in my work and he taught me a new word, Pareidolia. This is the psychological phenomenon where the mind responds to a stimulus by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists, and this is exactly what happens when I look at trees. By visually exploring the lines and forms created by the overlapping branches of trees, a gathering of sweetness and darkness appears. And through this personal connection with the trees in my own landscape, is the creation of my own folklore.


Pamela Tait is a visual artist based on The Black Isle in the North of Scotland. Born in 1974 and raised in rural Aberdeen-shire, she received her BA (hons) in Fine Art from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

The imagery in her work is created by using pareidolia; when you see recognisable objects in random or unrelated objects or patterns. The source of inspiration comes from the trees and forests in her local environment. Through the processes of her practice she transforms the trees into a rich gathering of sweetness and darkness; a mass of beings who evoke a sense of her imagined folklore.

Pamela was recently awarded funding through the Visual Arts & Craft Maker Award and the Bet Low Trust to learn printmaking which has seen a change in medium, from drawing and painting to etching. She is currently exploring ways to further develop the processes of printmaking in her work.

She exhibits her work widely both in the UK and overseas, and in recent years has collaborated and exhibited with her artist husband Erlend Tait.


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