Polly Thelwall

Website: http://www.pollyt.co.uk

Email: wolfbee@phonecoop.coop

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1.16, Silk organza, silver wire, steel wire, glass wax, tissue paper, glue, oil paint, blood.

16.2, French sepia, oil paint, ink on paper. A1

5.15, Tissue paper, flour paste, steel wire, watercolour, ink, rabbit fur, silk dupion, seed pearls.

4.15, Tissue paper, wire, thorns, pigment, glue, cotton, Kapok, egg yolk

4.14, Cotton, kapok, thistle, thistledown glass wax, plaster, ink, steel wire, beeswax, rosin


I distill unconscious thought, blending dreams with substance. Working the seam where magic collides with the visible world I explore the intensity and fragility of human experience. This is the space where corporeality and spirit blend into something unknown but remembered.


Polly Thelwall grew up in Northern Ireland. She graduated from Edinburgh College of art in 1993 with a degree in Sculpture. After a period exhibiting and working as an artist she worked in many different jobs alongside continuing artistic practice. In 2007 she began to show work publicly again. In 2014 Polly Thelwall produced her first new series of sculptures.


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