Rhona Fleming

Website: http://www.rhonafleming.co.uk

Email: rhona.field@btinternet.com

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“Slippage. The space and time between intentions. Between what is and what may be art. Between art and architecture. Between layers of materiality and construct, the real and the imagined. The place beyond the threshold”
I like to work with my hands and see where materials and objects take me. To enjoy how one piece of stuff can strike up a conversation with another and make a whole new narrative. How something precious like silver can imbue the same feeling of worth to a scrap of paper when juxtaposed in just the right way. Sometimes, it is the slightest action that can be captured to produce a satisfying resonance that feels inevitable. The stain on the table, the chance alignment of objects, the way the door jamb divides the volumes. From the relatively small scale I sometimes venture into installation pieces that specifically relate to their setting and context, always keen to push the boundaries and find new means of expression.


Rhona Fleming was born and educated in Scotland. After gaining her architectural qualifications in Glasgow she spent 12 years in practice in London whilst pursuing her fine art interests in drawing and sculpture including a diploma in Sculpture at Sir John Cass School of Art. Since moving to Norfolk, she has continued her architectural career and art practice expanding her interests to include landscape and garden design, Ecology and Landscape (UEA), jewellery design and painting. During this time, she has exhibited regularly in the eastern region and in Scotland. She completed an MA in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts in 2014 and is currently enrolled on the M.Sc. Architectural Design for the Conservation of Built Heritage programme at Strathclyde university.