Siobhan McLaughlin



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Lochnagar, oil on mixed materials, 170x200cm.

Untitled (Lochnagar III), oil pastel, oil paint and encaustic medium on mixed materials, 310x200cm.

Untitled (Hanging series I), Oil paint and oil pastel on mixed materials, 15x110 cm, detail.

Untitled (Loch Muik), Oil bar and oil pastel on mixed materials, 110x200cm.

Untitled, Oil paint, oil pastel and encaustic medium on mixed materials, 183x125cm.


With material exploration at its centre, my practice sits between abstracted landscape and an expanded form of painting. My recent series is based on drawings and photographs taken up and around Lochnagar in the Cairngorms, written about in Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain, 1977. Shepherd’s prose taught me new ways of approaching the landscape, in that ‘we should not walk up a mountain, but into them, thus exploring ourselves as well as them’. Grappling with my practice following a car accident, I use the sensory experience of walking, translated into the physicality of large-scale painting, to process my sense of place in the world. Whilst walking, I gather a particular spectrum of colours, affected by light, weather and time. The materials I sew for painting are largely non-traditional, making the process intriguing as the paint unexpectedly interacts with different surfaces. This tactility reflects my experience of place, the textures of the particular landscape.


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