Tadeusz deregowski

Website: http://tadeuszderegowski.blogspot.com.br

Email: Tadeusz598@yahoo.co.uk

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A line of trees, Aguas mornas, SC Brazil

Above Queens, NY

Roofs, Sidi Ifni, Morocco

Flowers in yellow

Potosi, view showing the barracks

Holy Trinity Brompton, Kensington, London


My work is in oils, usually on a small scale, the size of a standard postcard or slightly larger. They are painted on thick card, plein air, using a variety of textures.

I'm involved with recording my subjective responses to places, buildings, things and people.

I most like places which are in some way hidden or mysterious: one of the central functions of art for me is the revealing of secrets. Cities seldom visited or places off the tourist circuit hold more interest to me than more obvious sights, and I love using art as a form of, and motivation for, exploration. I love to use portraiture as a way of studying people in their environments, attempting to show their inner lives.

I see my work in the line of both travel painter-diarists such as Edward Lear or Turner, and expressionist painters such as Bonnard or Joan Eardley: I have a portable kit with which I can easily transport materials and wet paintings.

I plan further painting trips in Brazil, where I now live and, next year, to North Africa.


I was born in Zambia and brought up in Scotland.

I studied at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art between 1986 and 1991.

I have had illustration work published in The Daily Telegraph, The Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian, The Spectator and Carlos Magazine.

I go on painting journeys as much as I can, usually to Europe, the Middle East or within Latin America.

I often exhibit. I have had work in Dubai Art Fair, London`s Royal Academy Summer Shows and in the Society of Scottish Artist`s exhibitions.

I am represented by the Union Gallery in Edinburgh and by Stephen Walton in England.


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