Tessa Clowney

Website: http://tessaclowney.com

Email: tessaclowney@gmail.com

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Rhythm, 2014. Latex, h160cm, w189cm, d16cm

Rhythm in White 2014. Latex. h90cm, w70cm, d12cm

Umbrellas 2013. Abandoned umbrellas. h140cm,w70cm, d15

Death Has Lost Its Sting, 2014. Latex

Shutter, 2013. Wax, Oil paint. h43cm, w52cm

Facade, 2013. Mixed media. h44cm, w44cm


I am instinctively drawn to worn and aged surfaces both for the aesthetics but also the tantalizing hints of a forgotten past in our human history. It can be an ancient building with evidence of architectural alterations, a worn gravestone, fragmented layers of posters on a city wall, layers of graffiti or a rusty skip. We are surrounded by references to the past. These have inspired my painting and sculpture.

Working with ‘new’ materials is also exciting and a source for ideas.
I work with oils, tar paper, wax, acrylics, ash, charcoal, mono printing and collage.
More recently I have also worked with liquid rubber to make casts of tin cans, bowls and jars as well as gravestones. A cast made from liquid rubber will reveal all the dust, grime or pollution that was ingrained in the original object. The cast gravestones emphasize the emptiness of the grave ‘container’. The casts are hung upside down to make them into sack-like objects. They are empty. Christians believe that death is not the end.

Containers have intrigued me in their primal function of survival as well as the religious and symbolic elements. We take containers for granted, but from the earliest evidence of humankind until mass production, all containers were highly valued.


An Australian now living in Scotland, I studied painting for 2 years at Art school in Vienna followed by a degree in Art History in Melbourne and an MA in Amsterdam. In 2009 I came to Edinburgh and had the opportunity to combine part time work with a return to painting and sculpture.

Royal Scottish Academy Open

Scottish Society of Artists Open
Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh

Patriot Hall, Edinburgh
Royal Scottish Academy Open
Scottish Society of Artists Open

Visual Arts Scotland
Rosalux, Minneapolis


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