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Installation, Moving Image, Photography, Printmaking


Environment, Identity, Landscape, Narratives



My cross discipline visual arts practice has evolved from my early scientific background. It is experimental and materially based, forming an enquiry into the how boundaries define and separate us, the texture of the interface between psychological and physical environments; the balance and fluidity of the relationship and the place of boundary point. In particular, since pivotal artists residencies in the Antarctic and Arctic, I have been using photography and light to looking at the concept of the interface from the very edges of extreme physical landscape and self. Working with the British Antarctic Survey  scientists and Ordinance Survey  developers, I have recently programmed a years worth of Polar Light data, while at the same time working on a much more lo-tech but directly related project creating a series of manually cut out photograph collages and archival images.

‘Something really does happen to most people who go into the North. The ”North,” he explained, is often uncomfortable; there are dangers of strange mannerisms, there is a fear of getting lost; but there are also the challenges of creating, in isolation, a new understanding of things.’ Glenn Gould.



Anne is a visual artist with a cross disciplinary approach to her work, often working collaboratively with scientists and drawn to locational edge-lands.

After leaving the RCA (M.A Ceramics and Glass), she jointly won the international Bombay Sapphire Prize for design and innovation involving the use of glass, with a short film, ‘Roker Breakfast’ in 2005.
Anne was awarded the British Antarctic Survey / Arts Council fellowship to Antarctica in 06/07, and has been the recipient of two Wellcome Trust Arts Awards for her projects ‘Exploring the Invisible’, and ‘Dead Mother’ (also jointly funded by the Arts Council in 2014).
Anne’s work has been shown nationally and internationally at venues which include the Scott Polar Museum, V&A Museum, the Royal Society of Antiquaries Burlington House, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, the Maison de La Européean Photographie, Paris, Reindeerland Film festival Iceland, and a solo exhibition at Daniele Arnaud gallery London.
Anne was awarded artist’s residency in 2015 and 2016, by the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Bio Art society, to live and work at Kilpisjärvi Biological Research Station in the SubArctic and was a joint recipient of an Artists International Development award to Sapmi in 2016.
Anne is currently developing a photographic / print series of images based on personal archival images of Patagonia and is also focusing on her project as co –founder of of Brink Projects, a cross discipline project collaborating with scientists from BAS, UCL, and the Ordinance Survey.