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Painting, Drawing


Abstract, Architecture, Geometric



I am a painter, working primarily in a non- figurative language, taking inspiration from the contemporary urban environment. I examine the detailed fabric and structure of buildings and the random features and surfaces to be found there. My recent research has focussed on the distinctive aesthetic of post war Brutalist buildings.

Materials, surface and process are important to me in my painting. Working primarily in oils, I enjoy building up a subtle, rich surface, with an interplay of forms across the canvas, to produce images which have both simplicity and depth.



Artist’s Statement

I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2015, and am currently working from my studio at the Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline, Fife.  I am a painter, my preferred medium being oils on linen or canvas. As a starting point for my work, I am inspired by architecture and the contemporary urban environment.



BA (Hons) Painting, Edinburgh College of Art



FLOW, VAS Members’ show, 2020/21

Macmillan Art Show, 2020

Upright Gallery Xmas Show, 2019

‘ALIGHT’, SSA/VAS Open 2019

‘Solo 6’, Dundas St Gallery 2019

Macmillan Art Show 2019

‘Building on the Past’, solo exhibition, Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline, October 2019

‘Paperwork 6’, Edinburgh Ski Club, August 2019

RSW 138th Open exhibition 2018

‘Paperwork 5’, group exhibition, Edinburgh Ski Club, August 2018

RSA Open, RSA galleries, June/July 2018

‘Paperwork 4’, group exhibition, Edinburgh Ski Club, August 2017

‘Lines of Enquiry’, group exhibition, Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr, 2 July – 6 August 2017

FLY 2016, Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, 3 – 27 December, 2016

‘Reworked’, group exhibition, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 4 – 27 November, 2016

‘Fine Lines’ group exhibition, Edinburgh Ski Club, 24 September – 1 October 2016

‘Paperwork 3’, group exhibition, Edinburgh Ski Club, 18 – 29 August, 2016

‘Restricted Code’, group exhibition, Iota Gallery, Hyndland St, Glasgow, 7 – 21 May, 2016

SSA Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, December 2015/January 2016

‘Animalia’, group exhibition, Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh, October 2015

‘Paperwork 2’ group exhibition, Working Lines Collective, Edinburgh Ski Club, August 2015

MACART exhibition, Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr, June – July 2015.

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, June 2015

Indaba Café installation, group exhibition, Indaba Café, Edinburgh, February/April 2015

‘Ten Revealed’, group exhibition, Space Club, Argyle House, Edinburgh, January 2015

‘Printmaking in the Vaguest Sense’, group exhibition, Dundas St Gallery, Edinburgh, January 2015

‘Fo[u]rmat’, group exhibition, Edinburgh Ski Club, November 2014

‘Paperwork’ group exhibition, Working Lines Collective, Edinburgh Ski Club, August 2014

‘Number Crunching’, group performance, with the artist Roddy Buchanan, Randolph House, Edinburgh, August 2014

‘Side Salad’, group exhibition, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh, March 2014

Model Project group Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art, December 2013

‘Surface Memory’ group Exhibition, Tweeddale Museum & Gallery, Peebles, December 2013

‘Working Lines’ group Exhibition, Edinburgh Ski Club, August 2013

Maclaurin Gallery Open Fine Art Exhibition, Ayr, July 2013

Edinburgh College of Art Painting Stage 2 group Exhibition, March 2013

Combin(e)d 3 Textiles group Exhibition, Embo Café, Edinburgh, June 2012