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Greater Glasgow


Applied Arts and Craft, Drawing, Film, Installation, Moving Image, Painting, Performance, Photography


Abstract, Architecture, Botanical, Environment, Geometric, Identity, Landscape, Site-specific, Portraits




Living and creating in Budapest, Sándor is developing a good financial background in making art.

With time, Sandor realized that basically he had just deviated from his path, therefore in the past years he decided to return to his roots and to create strictly as an artist instead of being treated as an art business.


Sandor believes that energy connects us within space and time to each other, to our planet and cosmos. Performance and ritual have always played an essential role in his work. He is finding peace and fulfillment in the creative process, especially when he is experimenting and combining different mediums.


While he is using a variety of modern technologies, materials, and processes in each project his methodology is consistent. In a world that is constantly changing via incredible leaps in technology and unbelievable strains upon the environment, he is constantly questioning our connection to the land, and nowadays he is researching our loss of connection to that land also.


During his career, Sandor designed unique handmade bags and was involved in painting, icon, and fresco painting, he is creating photos (both analog & digital), short films, and performance art. Often he is experimenting with rare things, painting with chemicals like the developer. He is interested to break the boundaries between concepts and he believes that some problems simply can’t be solved by singular means.




A trilingual, transdisciplinary artist based in Paisley, Scotland.

Born and raised in Transilvania, but finishing his studies in 2003, Sándor settles in Budapest, Hungary where he is working as a freelance visual artist, painting and restoring frescos until 2013. In 2013 he is relocating again, at this time to Scotland. Between 2015 – 2018 he was a resident of Malta, but finally, in 2018 he decided to move back to Scotland, which at this time, definitely became his home.​​​​​​​


Photography  – West College Scotland Paisley, Scotland

Visual Art & Painting – School of Art Brasov, Transylvania


Sandor is currently working on several projects and a new personal exhibition is planned shortly.

At the beginning of his career, Sandor attended several art camps and countless international group exhibitions, he had one personal exhibition in Székely National Museum, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, and one in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.


In the last years, Sandor is concentrating parallel on photography and nature art, capturing the light in different ways, and creating his stone balancing Antenæ projects.