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Painting, Printmaking


Abstract, Landscape



My work contemplates motherhood, autobiography, and landscape.

Memories and drawings form the basis of my prints.

The recollected landscapes featured in my work include the Fife Coastal Path where I sought solace after numerous life changing experiences, and the backdrop to my formative years, the Ochil Hills.  The landscapes in my work hold personal significance to me.

I am fascinated by the various processes used within printmaking and one that particularly appeals to me is the chine-colle process.  In my recent series of prints In the Still, which include Before They Wake and The Night Falls, I recreate the quiet moments in a busy household at the beginning and end of the day witnessing the scenic landscapes of Fife and the Lothians from my home in Dunfermline, Fife.  In my work layers of painted rice paper, used within the chine-colle process, are held together by a rhythmic flow of etched patterns, conveying the waves of  memories and the emergence of  fleeting thoughts. The mediative qualities of the repeated patterns found in this landscape are captured in the calming palette and mark making in my work.

Applying painted layers of chine-colle within my prints allows me to combine my passion for painting with my love of etching.






Originally from Tillicoultry in Clackmannanshire, Nicola McInally graduated in 2001 from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, specialising in Painting.  After developing her practice for several years, she received a Visual Artist Craft Makers Award from Creative Scotland in 2019, which led to her membership at Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop (FDPW), to explore etching techniques.

Nicola has exhibited widely across Scotland, including a solo exhibition at Grampian Hospital Arts Trust and several selected large group shows at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen Art Gallery.   In 2023, two of Nicola’s prints were selected for the Curated Hang at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in London where she was highlighted as one of the Top Picks of the fair by WCPF panellist, Tom Hammick.  In early 2024 she featured in Issue 25 of Pressing Matters magazine and was chosen by California Printmakers Society as one of their Print Day in May winners.

Nicola continues to be an active member of FDPW and works between the print workshop and her studio at home in Dunfermline.