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Greater Glasgow


Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture


Figurative, Identity, Portraits, Narratives



Having graduated in 1996 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, for a long time my art took a back seat to bringing up my family. After a tumultuous period in my life and diagnosis with a chronic pain condition, I had to radically change my life in order to reclaim my health and happiness. Beginning to unapologetically create art in my own way, was part of this re-emergence and reclamation of self.

 I currently stay in the South side of Glasgow and teach Art to young people who struggle to access the curriculum in a mainstream environment within special units at Govan High School. I love connecting with people and feel my life has imbued me with rich visual memories which emerge on my canvases, this often feels like a way of journaling. From attending school in Lagos, Nigeria to living in a house where my mother was a linguist and father, an international sports organiser, my home was always filled with people from across the globe. This fed into the broad base of cultural influences, wild stories and colourful characters in my life.  I have a broad spectrum of artistic influences, ranging from the layers and colours of graffiti and street art, to the patterns and symbols of traditional art of indigenous peoples across the world. The latter causing me to consider my own symbolic images. I have always enjoyed the art of Henri Matisse, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Gustav Klimt, full of colour, texture and patterns.

Applying the materials is itself a tactile experience. I feel that the process and the resultant textures and mark-making can reveal, and release, all manner of emotions. At times these are rhythmical and meditative, at others frantic and energy-filled, often not using brushes but involving a lot of physical touch. Working intuitively, I use my art as a vehicle to express and understand my feelings, like a form of therapy .



Having graduated in 1996 from Duncan of Jordanstone with a BA(Hons) in Fine art Sculpture my art took a back seat to raising a family and teaching . I took on small commissions renovating sculptures and creating devotional art for the Catholic Church . Only when The Covid Pandemic hit did i find the time to reflect and change and immerse myself in my own art practice . This has resulted in a number of events and shows.


Alchemy Experiment                     Love in the time of Covid 2020- group show Oct – Nov 2020

Queens Park Arena                        Pandemic and Protest 2020 – solo show Dec 20 – March 21

Rogart Street Campus                    Mind Milk Journals 2021- solo show 16th-29th July 2021

SkyPark                                             Free Spirit – solo show  Sept 13- 31 Dec (event 3 Dec) 21

G.A.S/Shado Magazine                  Climate Justice & Community Action – event 15 Sept 21

Salt Space Gallery , High street    Members Show 16 Sept -26th Sept21

Alchemy Experiment                      Love and Chaos 2021 – group show 8 Oct-7 Nov 21

Salt Space Gallery                           Full Tilt – Group Show 2Dec-10 Dec 21

Sixfoot Gallery                                 Winter show 26 Nov -11 Jan 22

Studio Two Six One                         Opening Exhibition October 2022

Studio Two Six One                         Resident Exhibiting Artist November 22-June 23

Sixfoot Gallery                                  Spring show 5th April -24th April 23

Glasogow Project Room                 Drawing Box Group Exhibition Call and Response 8th Sept-15 Sept 23

Sixfoot Gallery                                  “People” Solo Show Jan 11th – 25th 24

Publications & Articles

Alchemy Experiment Zine          Love in the Time of Covid Zine 2020

Glasgow Live                               “Local artist brightens Queen’s Park with outdoor exhibition” Dec 16 2020

The Alchemy Experiment            Love and Chaos Zine 2021

SkyPark  Magazine                       Autumn 2021 edition

Special Projects


Glasgow University School of               Rios Solidarios – Art project  2021/22

Politics and international Relations

Battlefield Rest x Articulate Cultural Trust  – Up-cyling project – June/July 2022

Murmuration – Sculpture Sundays  4 week collaborative project experimental casting at Crown Point Studios culminating in Sharing event 3/4th Feb 24