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A self taught artist, I have dabbled in art since before I was at school.  I would describe my art as abstract and personal, with my main media being acrylic and ink.

Having had a long and varied career path, from barber to social worker, from clothing designer to business owner, this allows me to tap into a diversity of inspiration, experiences and memories, both bad and good.

I have very rarely let anyone see my work but the combination of retiring 2 years ago, quickly followed by the pandemic has given me time to find that I am open to criticism of my art.  In fact, I now find it refreshes my thinking and challenges me to do better on every piece.

While I am my own worst critic, sometimes painting over original works I haven’t liked, my emotional involvement with art is one that keeps me coming back time and again to try and create something new and meaningful.

Now 70, I believe I have enjoyed art and artists work from all over the world, and I want to continue to learn and challenge myself in getting better.