SHIFT | Biome Collective with Sembilan Matahari

A playful and responsive installation for the main stairs of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Fluid imagery of structural collapse, expansion and reconfiguration are projected into the stairwell. The movement of visitors in the space will reveal new formations and patterns in a projection of light and sound. Changes created by this movement will echo through the system, resolving over time, before feeding back into the evolving landscape. This new work is part of a continued conversation/collaboration between Dundee-based Biome Collective with award winning Sembilan Matahri who are based in Bandung, Indonesia.

Biome Collective create, collaborate and explore new frontiers in creative technology. They create interactive and multi-sensory experiences, unique and accessible games, interventions and installations that span across digital, physical and cultural spaces. Sembilan Matahari is a cross-disciplinary studio that creates bold, innovative and spectacular work, particular in the field of projection mapping for which they have an international reputation in terms of design, film and creative coding expertise.

Supported by New Media Scotland’s Alt-w Fund with investment from the British Council. Part of UK/Indonesia 2016-18, a three year programme that has been building new links between young creatives in both countries.