SSA 2013 Selected Works

Name Title
Valerie Dempsey & Christine Wylie After Durer
Katharine Aarrestad thread of life; a lost golden age
Cristina Abrink Going Uphill
Karen Akester Casca Whispers
James Albon A Dog’s Heart
Elise Allan North East
Elaine Allison Which Way Now?
Elaine Allison There Are No Foreign Lands
Khalid Alsayed Photography³
Tom Anderson All The Best Cowboys
Tom Anderson All Of Our Ends
Joy Arden Excavated
Joy Arden Urban Yellow
Tessa Asquith-Lamb Something About Arrows
Shelagh Atkinson Let The River Run Through
Peter Augustovič Untitled II
Robert Balfour Ward Wolf Suit
Reinhard Behrens Carnival At The French Embassy In Casablanca 1906
Ingrid Bell Reflection II
Ingrid Bell Reflection I
Igor Benca Surface II
Igor Benca Surface I
Nicole Bennett Cloudbusting
Alice Betts Still Life With Moving Image
Allan S Beveridge April, Ethie
Allan Beveridge Rimbaud & Co.
Colin Black What Will Come
Denise Blackburn Books Naturalists
Denise Blackburn Apocaluptus I
Denise Blackburn Herboriser
Denise Blackburn Apocaluptus II
Lel Blair City Allotments
Louise Blamire Mole
Leo Blamire Whippet, High Summer
Louise Blamire Duckling
Trude Blows Gathering
Alan Bond Yellow Barn
Marj Bond Snow Bird
Alan Bond Beneath Us, Constellations
Patricia Bray Family
Stewart Bremner Below The Surface
Donna Briggs Entomology
Chris Brook Roost
Robert Brun Position I
Robert Brun Position II
Albín Brunovský Night People II-Desire
Albín Brunovský Night People III-Kerkaporta
Albín Brunovský Night People IV
Colin Bryce Plaza De Mayo
Molly Bullick Thinking Fast And Slow
Vanessa Cabban Three Sleeping Hares
Vanessa Cabban Urban Fox
Diana Calthrop Undercover
Irene Campbell The Seven Sisters (1513)
Irene Campbell Branxton Hill
June Carey RSW Seeing You Seeing Me
Sam Cartman Tayvallich 7
Sheila Chapman Tramworks II
Paul Charlton Sleeper
Katarina Chomova Mugwort
Alastair Clark Colliding Systems
Hans K Clausen We Might Find Everything
Kyra Clegg A Sense Of Arcadia
Tessa Clowney Facade
Sandra Collins Not Waving But Drowning
Rowena Comrie Top Gallant
Jane Couroussopoulos Within The Shrine
Jessica Crisp Paper Mache Beside Window
Pat Crombie Leda
David Dalzell Ecstatic Rainbow
Catharine Davison Hound Point (From Calton Hill)
Shirley-Jane Dawes Paper Boat
Shirley-Jane Dawes Rig I
Fiona Dean Lady Bedstraw
Caroline Dear Polytunnel-Drawing No 1
Caroline Dear Peat Stories-Fay, Kath, Norah
Caroline Dear Peat Bog-A Natural Archive
Helen Denerley Dog Otter
Helen Denerley Pair Of Magpies
Tadeusz Deregowski Valparaiso-Cerro Bellavista
Liz Douglas Pool
Matthew Draper Deep Midwinter
Helena Emmans Sinking Light
Keith Epps White Calf
Keith Epps Copse
Marie Fagan Rain Mates
David Faithfull The Art of Concealment/Oak Interventions, with Edinburgh Printmakers
David Faithfull The Art of Concealment: Boxed multiple (Artists Proof)
David Faithfull The Art of Concealment: Framed Print I & II (Artists Proofs)
David Faithfull Oak Interventions: Oak Gall Wasp Wallpaper
David Faithfull Oak Interventions: Culloden Gambit (Chess board/3D printing)
Karol Felix Message
Karol Felix Light Equilibrium
Karol Felix Dreamcatcher (Levitation)
Karol Felix Horizons
Karol Felix Composition With Triangle
Karol Felix Up and Down (with Igor Benca)
Karol Felix Blue Messenger
Ian Ferguson Mandala
Graham Flack Through Winter-time We Call On Spring
David Forster I Never Thought He Would Be Able To Come Out Of His Water (Water Of Leith)
David Forster He Buried Him Beneath The Bridge (Currie)
Anne Forte Are You Nice To Come Home To?
Lorna Fraser Slide Analysis
Lorna Fraser Sample Removed
Roland Fraser Preston Grange
Paul Furneaux Rain Salutation
Paul Furneaux Untitled: Black & Red
Paul Furneaux A Place To Stay
Dianne Gardner Dutch Harbour
Ryan Paul Gibson Passing Places (Untitled No. 03)
Gary Gowans The Printer’s Table/Text 1
Lara Greene Old Lace
Laura Gressani Shoal
Murray Grigor The Why?sman-In Pursuit of the Question-mark
Joyce Gunn Cairns Jackie Kay’s Vadnie
Fran Hanley Inside My Drawers II
Lys Hansen Pink Night
Hetty Haxworth Aqueous V
Ian Healy Pop Dog
Kate Henderson Boundary (i)
Jacqueline Higgs Skylark
Jacqueline Higgs Amusements
Jacqueline Higgs Dog
Diana Hope Blue Sea Rooms
Arabella Hope Gesundbrinnen
Fiona Hutchison Drawing The Tide
Fiona Hutchison Tide Marks
Anita E Hutchison Fragments (From The Tay)
Yvonne Ireland Beneath The Surface
Olivia Irvine Iceland As I Had Imagined It To Be
Robert Jančovič Border´s Space
Robert Jančovič The Messenger
Simon Jauncey Marrakech No.3
Sebastian Mary Tay Jiun Lin Redolent Hills And Delectable Mountains #2
Ewan John Lord Mouse Portrait No. 1
Ewan John Lady Mouse Portrait No. 2
Agnes Johnstone Arabella Reclothed
Aileen Keith Ringed II
Alan Kilpatrick Boundary (Fence)
Anna S. King White Water
Peter Klúčik The Summer Come About Three Minutes
Peter Klúčik The Dog Of Semiramidis
Marián Komáček The Last Solo
Marián Komáček Pose-behind
Marián Komáček BMW
Marián Komáček Morgan
Linda Kosciewicz-Fleming Lost Paradise Creation – 2
Biddy Lanham A Single Thing III
Lindsey Lavender Forest Series-Untitled
Astrid Leeson Building (Dundee)
David Lemm Rites
Rosie Lesso Unfolding Drawing
Angie Lewin Winter Shore
Angie Lewin Spey Birches
James Lumsden Contrapuntal (18) 2012
Martin M. Davidson Cityscape
Martin M. Davidson Confrontation
Sogol Mabadi Endeavour No.7: Unbraiding
Shaun MacDonald Protest Mickey
Rona MacLean Flight
Jill Macleod In Verbo Tuo Laxibo Rete
Blazej Marczak Trinity
Louise Martin To Melt Away As The Mist From The Mountains
Ruth Maxwell Celestial Navigation
Norman McBeath Untitled
Norman McBeath Giudecca
Paola McClure Faster Pussycat, Riot Riot!
Paola McClure When It’s Time to Talk
Paola McClure Untitled
David McCulloch Enlarged
David McCulloch Grafted
Jim McCutcheon Love Soup
Jo McDonald One For Every Year
Jo McDonald Sonnets For Dad
Kevin McFall Man In Profile
Gerald McGowan Beach
Rosie McGregor Untitled Plates 1-12
Silvana McLean Reading The Weather
Phil McLoughlin The Boy Is Going To Say A Few Words
Phil McLoughlin Waiting
Ian McNicol Landscape With Trees
Bill McQuarrie But, If You Change Your Mind
Bill McQuarrie Palladian II
Janet Melrose Two birds
Lívia Mezovská Biking Women
Lívia Mezovská Dog And Man
Jana Middleton Dragonfly
LesleyMay Miller Water of Leith
Emily Moore The Palmer House
Emily Moore Drumoak Construction
Emily Moore Sign
Mary Morrison Periphery (2722 Islay To Aranamurchan Point)
Morag Muego System Under Direction Of Key Units
Nan Mulder The Terrible Beauty Of A New Morning
Nan Mulder Starting The journey
Mark Mulholland Male Folds With Cistercian Detail
Gillian Murray Ardalanish Bay, Mull
Dawson Murray Silent Garden Edge
Eona Murray Aitken Tide-Line
Liz Myhill Nawalgarh Sketchbook
Leena Nammari The Damp Seeps – Olive Store
Leena Nammari The Damp Seeps – Lady
Gayle Nelson Fragrant Gardenias Bloom Along Gardenia Lane
Martin Nelson Somewhere Between #One
Gayle Nelson Postcard: Scoonie Brae
Judith Nicholson The Night & The Half Light
Ruth Nicol Leith In Winter Sandport From The Shore
Emma Noble Early Morning, le Panier
Bernie O’Donnell Cuba, Siesta
Marcel O’Connor Green Arena
Karol Ondreička Shelf-cabbage
Robert Ormerod Tim
Cat Outram Shining Water
Leila Peacock It’s Our Eyes That Make The Horizon
Rhonda Peebles Running Man
Igor Piačka Move Yourself
Igor Piačka Toy
Stephanie L. Pijper Converse Conformity
Lorna Pirrie Jerry Mahoney
Dušan Polakovič Teatro
Dušan Polakovič Ex Libris G.Polderman
Dušan Polakovič Ex Libris K.Scherzer
Dušan Polakovič Ex Libris J.Štefančík
Charmian Pollok Sickle Shape
Charmian Pollok Angel Wings
Frank Pottinger The Coloured Countries
Sharon Quigley Dreaming Of Sleeping
Kersti Rågfelt Strandberg Aspiring
Kersti Rågfelt Strandberg Tender
Kersti Rågfelt Strandberg Falling
Kersti Rågfelt Strandberg Shroud
Kersti Rågfelt Strandberg Brittle
Carmen Rayvargas Water Birth
Joan Reed Ice Head I
Joan Reed Frozen Heads
Philip Reeves Site Units
Emma Reid One Or The Other
Louise Ritchie A Little Portrait
Louise Ritchie A Serious Women
Louise Ritchie Don’t Panic
Duncan Robertson Arty-chock
Duncan Robertson Forget me Not
Duncan Robertson Hanging Jury
Alison Rollo Head
Peter Russell Barcelona
Anne Russell Magnolia Stellata
David Sampethai Interzone Installation
Catherine Sargeant Saintly Sayings
Anja Schiefler Bus On South Uist Hillside
Emma Semple Threshold
Elizabeth Shepherd John’s Boat
Cécile Simonis Going Away
Carol Sinclair Fragmented Reality
Bronwen Sleigh Meadowbank
Jenny Smith What’s The Best Piece Of Advice Anyone Has Given You?
Gerry Smith Print On Demand Vending Machines
Gerry Smith Neiso
Joan Smith Lorica
Joanne Soroka Reaping What We Sow
Elaine Speirs Lost
Kenneth Spence Tree 1/1
Kenneth Spence Cliff Edge 1/2
Fiona Stephen ‘Untitled 2’ From Series ‘A Self’
Fiona Stephen ‘Untitled 1’ From Series ‘A Self’
Fiona Stephen ‘Untitled 3’ From Series ‘A Self’
Alison Stewart Bit And Clasp
Jayne Stokes Passing Places
Eleanor Symms Battle Dress III
Helen Tabor Attacama 2: Valle De La Luna
Cedric Tai Geography Of Male Names
Cedric Tai Suspending The Haldane Building
Angela Taylor North
Tim Taylor Absolution
Tim Taylor Hot Winds Blow From The East
Gill Tyson Limestone And Steel
Tina Vanderwerf The Party Is Over
Miriam Vickers Ancient Woodland Kilmartin
Liam Walker Gone Courtin
Andrea Walsh Untitled Glass + Ceramic
Richard White Escarpment
Richard White Crossing At Bulli
Margarita Williams Lazybeds
Stan Wilson Celtic Bronze
Susie Wilson Colour Echo
Rebecca Wilson Finest Paperware, Jasper Blue
Rebecca Wilson Finest Paperware, Blue Delft
Christopher Wood Among The Squawking Birds
Christopher Wood Against The Tide
George Wyllie Cac-tap
George Wyllie Actually!’ from The Stones of Scotland
George Wyllie The Big Question’ from The Stones of Scotland
George Wyllie Fresh Bread
Daniel Young T.V. Room
Emma Zetterstrom Horizone 1, Edition 1/2
Denise Zygadlo Rest 3
Denise Zygadlo Rest 4