We are delighted to be collaborating with Live Borders for the first time to present an exhibition of work by SSA Members with the compelling theme of ‘Threads’. The exhibition explores the diverse and intricate connections that weave through the fabric of human experience, fostering a dialogue between artists and viewers alike. 

The theme “Threads” serves as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of ideas, cultures, and emotions that form the rich tapestry of our lives. A significant source of inspiration for this exhibition is ‘The Great Tapestry of Scotland’, which is housed in its own building in Galashiels…a monumental work of art that vividly depicts the country’s history and heritage. 

The Great Tapestry of Scotland beautifully captures the threads of history, culture, and identity that run through the country. Our artists may draw inspiration from this commemorative work, exploring similar themes of heritage, connection, and the interwoven narratives that define our shared human experience.

The exhibition includes work by invited artist, Denise Zygadlo alongside selected works by SSA Members who responded to themes explored in the Great Tapestry of Scotland. 

Exhibiting Artists: 

Carmen Carmeli, Duncan Robertson, Johanna Flanagan, Tom Allan, Gyllian Thomson, Alma Dowle, Jean Gillespie, Riel Noir, Luke Vinnicombe, Dora Stork, Chris Brook, Lindsey Hamilton, Damien Hartnett, Fiona McLachlan Powell, Georgi Tsenov, Michael Miller, Emma Booth, Joanna Payne, Irene Campbell, Mary Harker, Evi Evangelou, Rachael MacDonald, Judith Shaylor, Fenneke Wolters-Sinke, Jenny Smith, Lana Turner, Valerie O’Regan, David Lemm, Olivia Irvine, Sally Price, Maree Huges, Miriam Vickers, Maya El Nahal, Annie Livesey, Helen Walsh, Janette Summer, Sue Thomas, Fiona Burrows, Lucilla Sim, Denise Zygadlo.


Exhibition Open: 20 July – 30 September (Monday – Saturday 10-4pm, closed Sundays)

Preview: Saturday 20 July 2-4pm (RSVP to )

Venue: Old Gala House, Scott Crescent, Galashiels, TD1 3JS


Images: Duncan Robertson, Stitch in time, Photography and Denise Zygadlo, My mother’s Jacket l , Transfer print, gouache on cotton.