Annie Woodford



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Captivated by our mysterious, infinite universe- observed both at macroscopic and microscopic levels and mankind’s evolving place within that universe, Woodford’s work has qualities that reflect the intricacies of the natural world, elements that highlight its beauty and transience. Shifting boundaries between science and metaphysics and an enduring interest in parallel universe theory have instilled the pieces with a heightened intensity, whilst an obsession with hidden worlds has prompted her investigations into microscopy and the nano universe - making the unseen seen.

Fragile, frangible, complex and esoteric, delicately balanced between risk and control, her pieces float and oscillate between absence and presence, hovering silently in a place between.


Annie Woodford studied ceramics and glass at the Royal College of Art where she received a travel scholarship. Exhibiting nationally and internationally, her work is included in public and private collections worldwide. Extensively traveled, she has carried out major research projects in Egypt, Iceland, the Arctic and New Zealand.

Recently she won the Bronze Award in the Taiwan International Ceramics Competition and her work is included in Breaking the Mould: New Approaches to Ceramics (Black Dog Publishing 2007), which investigates ceramicists who work at the cutting edge of their discipline. In 2009, she was an invited artist at the World Ceramic Biennale, World Ceramic Foundation Korea, where she presented a collection of her work as part of the World Contemporary Ceramics exhibition.

Introduced to printmaking by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, who was her tutor, it has become an integral part of her practice and she continues to develop the medium alongside object making, using it to explore the themes and concerns fundamental to her work.