Kate Clayton

Website: http://www.kateclayton.co.uk

Email: Kate.clayton3@btinternet.com

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'In Search of Charm' performance, 2012.

'mo(u)rning chair' , 2013.

'inter' event in collaboration with Claire Briegel, 2013.

'AUG. 31, 2013' (sample page), 2013.

'Paintathon' 4-day event, 2014.

'WE ARE GOING TO LIVE SUCH LIVES' installation, 2014.


While my practise can make use of a wide range of media, dialogue is integral to the process and often features in the finished form. Collaboration with others is vital to my wellbeing and my work.

From autumn 2012 I was on the MFA: Art, Society and Publics course at DJCAD, Dundee, graduating with a distinction in autumn 2014. In my work during that time, I drew on the positive relationship I had with my grandmother to reflect on ageing, friendship and loss. I intend to go on using our collective past to enliven the present.