Liz Douglas



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The flight of bees mixed media on canvas 800mm x 800mm

Yellow Light 1m x 1m mixed media on canvas

Ettrick Series: Willowlines Slow Thaw 1.5m x 1.5m mixed media on canvas

EM Series: Pink Light 300mm x 300mm


“My work explores landscape, environment and elements within –
pollen, alpine plants and diatoms.

The working process involves direct drawing, painting, and researching site material -using a scanning electron microscope where appropriate – distilling the information to create works.

These works are mainly on canvas and paper, often on a large scale.

I am interested in the poetics of a place which I get to know over a period of time.
My work is exhibited regularly and my last series of work ‘Seeds of Time 2’ is being curated for an exhibition tour, with a catalogue, in 2010/11.

I am currently working on a new environmental based visual art project which will be exhibited publicly in 2011.