Donate a Christmas Decoration

Christmas-decoYe Jolly Artists….

Come hail! Come hither!
Please help us out
We’re all of a quiver,
To see what you’ll make…
To spruce up the tree
– be it alpine or fake.

A Christmas fun deco
A star-studded gecko
A flock- coated camel
A bird in enamel
A bauble of gold…
All can be sold.

In sparkles, in spangles
Galloon trim, pretty jangles
In needle and thread,
Or hessian, rich red,
An angel so pale
Will still make a sale.

In tartan or glitter,
From fallen leaf litter,
In paper, in card
Shape it easy, or hard,
Stylish or flash
We’ll sell it for cash!

So please spare some time,
Heed this wee rhyme,
Create us an ornament
A Festive adornment
£15 will be made
For the SSA.

Donate a Christmas decoration made by yourself or an artist near you. We will put each on sale for £15 – all profits in aid of the SSA.

It can be any medium but please download this template to create a 6inch 3D star. Both pages should be printed and the star shape cut out from each to be used as templates and joined together to make your decoration.

Completed Christmas decorations should be handed in to the National Galleries of Scotland’s Academy Building (back door) on Sunday 13 December, 10am – 7pm, or posted to:
SSA Christmas Decorations, Barrel Cottage, Liberty Hall, Haddington, EH41 4HF.

Unsold decorations will remain the property of the SSA to do with as the society deems fit thereafter.