SSA Engramme Exchange 2024

We are delighted to be collaborating with Engramme once again this year. A twelve year old partnership between the Society of Scottish Artists and Engramme to create a vibrant dialogue between artists based in Scotland and Canada. The artist exchange offers an SSA member a solo exhibition at Engramme, Quebec.

This year’s selected artist is SSA Professional Member Jodi Le Bigre.
The solo exhibition Vivarium
will take place from 10 May – 16 June 2024 in Quebec, Canada.

The exhibition will include stone lithography and etchings from two series of work, both about our long and ongoing relationship with other living beings. The first series grew out of an interest in botanical collections, hybridisation, and the global transport of plants as commodities, focusing on edible foods, especially citrus. The second series focuses on coral as creatures that we read about, objects that we collect and treasure, as well as the deep sea reefs that live, unbeknown to most of us, off the shores of Scotland and Canada. In the rarefied glass world of the Vivarium we have the opportunity to see not only the plants and animals that are placed inside, but the way in which we have framed them.

Jodi Le Bigre (b. Toronto) is an artist based in Scotland. She works broadly across printmaking, painting, and installation but at the centre of her practice is a commitment to hand-formed imagery. Her work grows out of an interest in the interaction and interrelation of people and their environments, as well as people’s imagining of wilderness and otherness, and how the concepts of natural and human resources play into these interactions.


We are really looking forward to seeing the presentation in the Engramme Gallery and will be sharing some images across our social media platforms during the exhibition. 


Image: Jodi Le Bigre, Mail Order Corals, Hard ground etching, 2023.