Engramme Printmaking Exchange Prize 2011

20In SSA 2011 the Society is delighted to be hosting the wonderful work of Marianne Chevalier, the first Canadian artist to be exhibited in Scotland as part of the exciting new exchange project with the Engramme Studios in Quebec, Canada. The exchange programme has been set up to to create a dialogue between Scottish and Canadian artists working in the field of printmaking.

Marianne Chevalier

Marianne Chevalier always had a passion for ancient imagery. She has been working in the illustration field for the past five years. After completing her studies in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, her work has been awarded in Canada and the United States. Her illustrations combine iconographic research, collage and drawing to communicate a modern and mysterious dimension to her characters.


Corneille craquelée (Cracked crow)

“The book, as The book, quite as the other media of communication, is an extension of the eye and the thought.

Creativity for me is an act of unlocking internal emotions and memories. This vaporous mass re-shape’s constantly in a composition where emotions and memories, often contradictory, unite to create a precise feeling of the moment.

I work from a store of ancient photocopied en¬gravings and found textures. This inventory of fragments is the starting point for inventing forms and unusual entities, utilizing order to create disorder.

My work has a recurring theme of creatures. These creatures, often grotesque, could be from a forgotten time or from an unknown universe. They give the feeling that they arise from a mysterious tale, a narrative which awakens a secret consciousness. Thus, we enter the domain of the unconscious and the dream.

From the beginning of my research for my degree, I created creatures which scatter and pile up on the walls of the studio. To organise this chaos, the idea of an accordion book took shape. Inside its folds, the creatures live in the heart of a free graphic universe. Textures, contrasted patterns, lines, features, spots, masses and stripes of all sorts, this is their natural world.”


Works in the SSA Annual Exhibition 2011

Corneille craquelée (Cracked crow)
Accordion book. (30 pages) Black and white silkscreen prints, Stonehenge paper 240 gr. 16×20 inches, 2008.
Colours silkscreen print cover, black and white silkscreen print cardboard box
Price £ 8000

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‘The Creatures’
15 Colours Silkscreen prints Colours silkscreen prints, Stonehenge paper 240 gr. 17×23 inches, 2008.
Price £300 each (unframed).

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Download the Chevalier’s resume and statement

www.mariannechevalier.com | www.engramme.ca