Engramme Printmaking Exchange Prize 2013

The SSA are delighted to introduce you to the winner of this year`s Engramme Printmaking Exchange Prize, Denise Blackburn.


This wonderful international exchange was first introduced by SSA in 2011 and we are very pleased to once again welcome a Quebec artist as part of SSA 2013.

Denise Blackburn lives and works in Quebec City and studied at the National and Superior School of Decorative Arts in Paris, France in 1989 & 1992, and at the School of Arts of Laval University, Quebec in 1986.



‘Since 1990 my artistic production has concentrated on printmaking and mixed media on paper. I have a traditional approach to etching and my incursions into different methods such as handmade paper have brought to my work an aesthetically free and eclectic language. My most recent work in printmaking aims to go beyond the traditional prodedure of dry-point and chine-collé and allows the creation of transparency in large scale work. My language is abstract and is inspired by poetic and philosophical preoccupations such as “the transformation of mater and the durability of it`s ephemerality”.

I have presented my recent solo exhibition at Engramme Gallery and Printshop, Québec. I am also the recipient of first prize to the Event 2007 at Lessedra Gallery and Arts projects in Sofia, Bulgaria. My works are held in Collection Loto-Québec, The Bibliotheque Nationale of Quebec in Montreal and at the Musée National des Beaux-Arts, Quebec.’


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