The SSA is initiating an essay programme intended to highlight the creative thinking of our members and to provide a platform for expressing and sharing our opinions on Art, Life and the World.

The essay programme is open to all our members. It could, in the future, also include contributions from invited non-SSA artists, art critics, journalists, philosophers and other professionals who may have an interest in the arts.

The essay selection will be undertaken by the Essays Steering Group established by the SSA Council. This Group will look for essays containing original ideas and pertinent comments on the arts and beyond. You might, for example, like to write about your own art practice, the work of other artists you are familiar with, shows you have seen, or your musings on creative and cultural life. Please note that while we welcome the expression of diverse viewpoints, we cannot publish essays expressing discriminatory, extremist or other harmful ideas. You will be notified if we are unable to publish your submission.

Essays should not exceed 1000 words, plus images (if necessary).
If you reference any written works, please be sure to include a full citation. We will be unable to publish without this.
You must be an SSA Member to be eligible, you can join here>>

Interested contributors should submit their essays during the first week of any given month, with a view to being published on the SSA website at the beginning of the following month.
Email submissions to: with subject header ‘SSA Essay Project Submission’.

The essays will be collated in the form of a book by the end of each year (funding permitting).

The first essay provided by the SSA President is launched together with this essay call.

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions to this exciting project.

Vasile Toch




1. The rise of AI_Vasile Toch 2024