Featured Artist-Cécile Simonis

From May 2015 the SSA will feature a selected  SSA artist for a two week period on the SSA website and on social media. We are delighted to introduce our first featured artist Cécile Simonis.

Tell us what got you into art – how you got started – what first excited you.

I have always been fascinated by graphic novels and illustrated stories. I started drawing when I was really young and never stopped! For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to draw and tell stories through images.

Where do you make your work?

I mainly make work at Edinburgh Printmakers. I also have a desk in my room on which I do small drawings, book binding and experiments.

What are your main influences and sources of inspiration?

They are very varied. Graphic novels are, of course, still a big source of inspiration for me, along with cinema and photography. But the natural world inspire me a lot and I generally come up with ideas while having a walk. I am generally quite curious and read and watch a lot of different things. Music is also essential for me.

Is there some piece of advice / information / knowledge that you’d like to share?

I would say: carry on doing what you love and make sure you don’t get bored!
Experiment and stay curious.

Tell us about a project you are working on at present.

In this year’s SSA annual exhibition I won the prize of a solo show at the Meffan Gallery, Forfar in 2016. It is a great opportunity to make some work and experiment on a bigger scale. I am working towards that show at the moment, while also making work for other projects.

SSA Webpage: www.s-s-a.org/member/cecilesimonis

Website: www.cecilesimonis.be

Facebook page: www.facebook.com