Angela Taylor



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Shore Screen print on acrylic/ etched aluminium (91 x 52 cm)

Edgelands Screen print on acrylic/aluminium 51 x 55cm

Smirr Screen print on aluminium/acrylic 70 x 58cm

Ice Channels Screen print on acrylic (33 x 81 cm)

Ice Field Screen print on acrylic 74 x 27cm

River Tay Haar Screen print on acrylic/mirror acrylic (26 x 26 cm)


The inspiration for my work comes from a response to the Scottish landscape and, in particular, to my own immediate environment of North East Fife and the River Tay.

My aim is not to ‘re-create’ the landscape in a representational form but rather to respond to it in a way which interprets the surfaces and textures of land and water, and also the part played by seasonal and climatic changes.

I strive to convey the essence of the landscape I observe and my process involves constantly distilling images until I feel satisfied with the result. Only those elements that are necessary to convey my thoughts and ideas are used.

Over the last four years I have explored the medium of screen print as a means of developing ideas further and also expanding my artistic practice.


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