Caroline McGonigal



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Walk the Flesh Transparent, mixed media installation

Into the Earth, handmade ceramic stones with bodily imprints, painted

Stone Lungs, manipulated photograph

Dark Water, oil on canvas, approx 180cms x 150cms

Shadow Portraits, instant snapshots taken Kyoto, Japan

Unfolding Environment, Photograph based on found image


Caroline McGonigal is a visual artist whose work explores human existence through our connection with the natural world.
After suffering the loss of family members, she began to experiment with materials that could act as metaphors for the fragility of our own lives. She explored processes involving natural ephemera such as shadow, ice, smoke and plants like the Scottish Creeping Thistle, due to their fleeting, temporary nature.
Perhaps hers is a personal journey, but she hopes to bring viewers with her in making sense of our existence here and how our environment plays an important role in our lives.
Caroline often travels to extreme landscapes for research and inspiration (Iceland in 2014 and 2016; Arctic Norway in 2018), but has recently been experimenting with plants and rocks in her local area near Kinghorn. Here, in her practice, the art of making is important and she often finds it a cathartic process.
Her works allows us to reflect on the ephemeral nature of our lives, the natural environment and our important relationship with it.


Caroline McGonigal graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee in 2010 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. She currently works in the renowned Sea Loft studio in Kinghorn, Fife. Her practice, like the natural world that she studies is constantly evolving, and she places no restrictions on the media she uses to create work. She is a visual artist currently working with drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, film and installation.
2017 – Hope Scott Trust Award for Visual Arts
2016/17 – Fife Contemporary, Visual Arts Award
2012 – Cultural Grant from Fife Council for International Visual Arts collaboration with Hungary
She has exhibited internationally in Japan and Hungary. Further information regarding work and exhibitions is available at


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