Carol Sinclair



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Memory Bank, porcelain, programmed led lightbox, 1x1m

The Spaces Between, porcelain, 30cm

Evanesce, porcelain, each piece 20x20cm

Fading Too detail, porcelain, 50x50cm

Fading Too, porcelain, 50x50cm


My work is an investigation into memory and the connections we have to one another and our environment. I seek to explore the connections that define us, and the complications that are created when those associations are lost. Through the use of a delicate and translucent material I aim to capture the fragility of memory, but also express the tranquillity and state of calm that comes with loss of fear.
I work mainly in porcelain but experiment with other materials, including sustainable and biodegradable plastics and hybrid plastic/clay materials.


I am a ceramics graduate of Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, and have been working as a professional ceramic artist since completing my BA (Hons) in 1989.