Denise Zygadlo



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Persephone l live photocopy transfer on canvas 84cm x 66cm

Pink Mountain collage 35cm x 40cm

Golden Lady collage 35cm x 40cm

Lee Miller collage 9cm x 15cm

Alison l pencil/coloured pencil drawing 35cm x 35cm

Tara Xlll pencil drawing 130cm x 185cm


The primary concern of my visual work is the intuitive exploration of the relationship between the human body and cloth: how this relationship describes our responses at the most visceral levels, how the culture of cloth has shaped our perception of the human form, and how the power of its conventions affects our understanding.
Drawing is an integral part of the work. Attention to detail drew me towards the photocopied image, which has a particular quality, akin to drawing.
The photocopier has been the vehicle for making images of wrapped bodies, which I have transfer printed onto silk. There is an intimacy about the photocopied image - pressure points, stray threads are heightened - and an immediacy; just as an ancient handprint can appear fresh and link the past with the present.
I am interested in the concept of connecting with the specific moment that an image/imprint is made; in the same way as we may respond to images of the ‘bog people’ or the Turin shroud.
The way a body moves, portraying states of emotion, is another area I am exploring. Having had a lifelong interest in and involvement with dance/movement, I have begun incorporating performance into my work.


Born in Kent in 1954, I studied printed textile design at Winchester and worked in London studios before moving to Dumfries in 1980.
Community art projects, illustration, drawing classes and textile design ran alongside raising 4 children with my husband, before focussing on my own artwork in the late 90's when I became interested in simple transfer printing techniques. I work from my studio at home.