Erlend Tait



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'Her Welsh Wool Cape', 2019, oil on canvas

'Bipolar Bionic', 2019, oil on canvas

'The Witch', 2019, oil & etching on paper, collaboration with Pamela Tait

'Pearl', oil on canvas, 71 x 51cm

'Pearl study', oil, acrylic & titanium leaf on watercolour paper on panel, 21 x 15cm

'Stella Star', oil, brass & escutcheon pins on linen panel, 50 x 39cm


The mythology and folklore of the Highlands and Islands have long been an inspiration. Many of these tales relate to anthropomorphic deities within the environment and as a result much of my work combines portraiture with pattern and symbolism. These symbols are inspired by my surroundings and obsessions and allude to themes of ideology and transcendence.

It is essential for me to physically make things. The materials are the vital interface between the idea and the realization. Within my artistic practice, drawing and stained glass have a natural affinity through the shared elements of line and tone. Likewise, my oil and acrylic painting techniques are very much informed by my years of painting vitreous paints and silver stains on coloured glass, and I’m continually experimenting with this process-loop.


Born in 1974, Erlend Tait grew up in Northern Scotland and received his BA Hons in Fine Art from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, where he specialised in Drawing and Painting. He then spent nine years working in Edinburgh at one of Scotland’s leading stained glass studios, where he learned the ancient techniques of the glass painter-stainer. Both traditions of oil painting and stained glass inform his approach to making images.

He exhibits his drawings, paintings and stained glass extensively throughout Scotland and abroad and his work is held in collections around the world. Erlend Tait lives and works on the Black Isle with his wife, the artist, Pamela Tait, with whom he also collaborates and exhibits.


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