Esther Donaldson



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Autumn 2020

Blue Cacti

Autumn Garden

Wild Garden

Lockdown Lily Pond

Lockdown Lily Pond


My work is based on gardens, aiming to reflect the brevity of life, beauty, toil, energy, death and rebirth that is observed in the cycle of life within the garden.
My art is becoming increasingly more referential and not entirely realistic inviting the viewer's participation and hopefully giving glimpses into the life, toil, death and rebirth of the creative journey.


Since graduating from Edinburgh College of art in 1993, I have exhibited and sold work regularly in galleries across Britain, including the RSA, SSA the RSW, the RBA, Mall Galleries and most recently in the Royal Academy summer exhibition, London, where my work was included in their favourites list 2019. I was recently awarded the 'House for an Art Lover' award at the RSW and am currently working towards the solo exhibition.