Leena Nammari

Email: leena.nammari@gmail.com

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Tiles liquidlight on porcelain 2004

Hilda’s cupboard cibachrome on primed MDF 2002

Wishing you were here screenprint on paper 2009

If I kiss you where its sore screenprint on paper 2006

Jerusalem house 07 screenprint and liquidlight on paper 2008


Leena Nammari is a Palestinian artist practicing in Scotland. She has lived in the UK for over 20 years.

Through her work, she gently probes issues that emanate from her constant search of where it is comfortable, and what is home. Looking at the world through a lens, adjusting manipulating and creating narratives, tales and memories that are not necessarily true, but touching upon that human spirit, unfailingly stirring emotions that are true to all.
Her work encompasses photography, film and printmaking, among others, and she continues to explore and investigate various ways to express her thoughts and ideas.