Louise Barrington

Website: http://www.louisebarrington.com

Email: louisebarrington.art@gmail.com

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space in between

the everyday

invisible trace


The landscape of Orkney is central to my work, the underlying energy prevalent in open spaces and the quality of light, especially at ‘in between’ times – twilight, dawn, dusk – has greatly influenced my output. I worked directly in and with the landscape inspired by walking, foraging and gathering natural materials to dye fabrics, and create organic structures inspired by the principles of Ikebana composition. This use of found and harvested materials influenced by seasonal patterns and change has created a restrained colour palette specific to my local environment that relates to time and place. Where the landscape is held within the structures directly with the use of naturally dyed fabrics. The Japanese aesthetic of Ma where the negative space is equally important to the actual resounds hugely with my experience of Orkney’s landscape and underpins my work. In my approach to understanding landscape and my relationship to the Orkney landscape, I am interested in the concept and misinterpretation of ‘emptiness’ with an open space. Translated into my work, the void becomes an equally positive space for the projection of ideas and an expression of the limitlessness of possibilities.


I have gained enormous insight into my work form my first solo exhibition shaping the void (2017), followed by the opportunity to exhibit at the Briggait, Glasgow (2018) this has encouraged me greatly in my work. I received funding from Creative Scotland Open Project Fund to carry out research and development over the summer of 2018, which has led to the development of a project, Four Seasons. I was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Award in 2018. I have continually looked for avenues to display work. More recently, I was awarded the Society of Scottish Artists Invitation to exhibit at the 2019 Annual Exhibition with two years membership included. I am one of the founding members of Móti, a support and networking collective for recent graduates and emerging artists based in Orkney. In June 2019, I collaborated with the St Magnus International Festival, installing site specific work across Orkney.


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