Robert Powell



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The Palace of Forgetting

Voyages Around My Room

Species of Space: The Amazing Visible City


Super-Mega-Dooper or Huge Maxi Savings at Abundia Cockaigne Ltd as Wise King Solomon Wisely Slashes Infants to Give You Unprecedented Extra £££s and Two Babies for the Price of Just One or the Amazing Dichotomy of Value in the Land Where He Who Sleeps Most Earns Most


At the moment I am working on a series of maps and cartographic-related imagery including a set of terrestrial globes and a myriorama. These aren't intended to be a straightforward representation of known space, each piece tries to map clusters of thoughts and events, and attempts, like those medieval mappa mundis, to be a visual encyclopaedia of a an entire cosmology, however erroneous, incomplete and unreliable.


I graduated from Art, Space and Nature at Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 and before then, in 2008, from the MA Fine Art program between Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University. Since then I have been working from Edinburgh, mostly, but showing my work throughout Scotland and across the world.