Rosie Lesso



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Unfolding Drawing, 2013, RSA, Edinburgh

Unfolding Drawing, 2013, RSA, Edinburgh

Paper Landscape 1, drawing on paper, 2014

Paper Landscape 2, drawing on paper, 2014

Paper Landscape 3, drawing on paper, 2014

Between Shadows, 2012, Peter Potter Gallery, Haddington


My drawings explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction. They fluctuate between mechanical and expressive imagery and mark making and suggest biomorphic forms or the sprawling detritus of barren landscapes.

I also create large format drawings on location which begin and end in the exhibition space but never fully reach a point of resolution, instead acting as open ended performances. These drawings grow and evolve without planned outcome and explore open space and a floating, graphic language.


I am an artist currently based in Scotland. I studied a BA and MA in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art and have continued to pursue an interest in drawing since. This has included working on a variety of commissions and site specific projects. Along with my practice I also write reviews and essays on contemporary art.