New Bridges 11:11 2014, Slovakia



Nitra Gallery Representative Halls, Nitra
July 10 – August 31 2014.

Pállfy Castle, Bratislava
September – October 2014.

House of ART, Piešťany
November 2014.

Miloš Alexander Bazovský Gallery, Trenčín
February 13 – March 22 2015

11 Scottish Artists

Gayle Nelson PSSA, Sharon Quigley VPSSA, Louise Ritchie PPSSA, Christopher Wood PPSSA RSW, Nan Mulder SSA, Leena Nammari SSA, Norman McBeath SSA, Alan Kilpatrick SSA, David Faithfull SSA, Paul Furneaux SSA RSA and Alastair Clark SSA.

11 Slovak Artists

Jozef Bajus, Igor Benca, Karol Felix, Svetozar Ilavsky, Robert Jancovic, Boris Jirku, Jaroslav Kolesek, Marian Komacek, Gabriel Kosmaly, Mila Lukac and Marek Ormandik.

Nové Mosty film by Adam Felix

‘Our artists make work across many contemporary art platforms. These include printmaking in all its existing and newly emerging forms, gestural, expressive and intensely saturated painting and construction across all manner of materials, narratives and scales, through to photography, performance and installation.

These two small countries with similar drives for individual identity and creative recognition have much in common despite our differing artistic traditions and expertise. Slovakia with such a rich heritage in many aspects of printmaking from velvety mezzotints to contemporary digital processes and lithography in tandem with Scotland with its rich history of painting, sculpture and installation.’

Louise Ritchie PPSSA
Curator and Executive Committee Member of New Bridges 11+11

Video: Louise Ritchie PPSSA, Gallery images: David Faithfull, Image (Bottom): Paul Furneaux,’Moss Garden Kyoto Mokuhanga‘.